Position: Petroleum Engineering Manager
Full Name: Shapoor Etesaminia
Email : setesaminia@pedec.net
Education :
Shapoor Etesaminia
Position: Manager of Financial Affairs
Full Name: Mohammad Hasan Mohammadi
Email : mhmohammadi@pedec.net
Education :
Mohammad Hasan Mohammadi
Position: Manager of Legal Affairs and Contracts
Full Name: Javad Emami
Email : jemami@pedec.net
Education :
Javad Emami
Position: Planning and Projects Control Manager
Full Name: Ali Rafeefar
Email : arafieefar@pedec.net
Education :
Ali Rafeefar
Position: Supervisor of Production Coordination and Supervision and CEO Advisor
Full Name: Abbas Goudarzi Arjmand
Email : agoodarzi@pedec.net
Education :
Abbas Goudarzi Arjmand
Position: Human Resource Manager
Full Name: Habib Farokhi
Email :
Education :
Habib Farokhi
Position: Manager of Procurement and Goods Services, Head of Technical and Commercial Committee
Full Name: Hossein Rezaee
Email : hrezaei@pedec.net
Education :
Hossein Rezaee
Position: Supervisor of Construction and Engineering
Full Name: Sam Mansour Moaed
Email : smansour@pedec.net
Education :
Sam Mansour Moaed
Position: Head of Inspection and Technical Protection
Full Name: Ali Kalaki
Email : akalaki@pedec.net
Education :
Ali Kalaki
Position: Head of HSE and Passive defense
Full Name: Ahmad Mirabdollahi Shamsi
Email :
Education :
 Ahmad Mirabdollahi Shamsi
Position: Head of Public Relations
Full Name: Seyed Ali Seyed Beheshti
Email : abeheshti@pedec.net
Education :
Seyed Ali Seyed Beheshti
Position: Head of Management Information Systems and Computer Services
Full Name: Pouriya Parvizi
Email : pparvizi@pedec.net
Education :
Pouriya Parvizi
Position: Head of Security
Full Name: Mohammad Mehrabi
Email : mmehrabi@pedec.net
Education :
Mohammad Mehrabi
Position: Head of Research and Development
Full Name: Mohammad Ebrahimi
Email : moebrahimi@pedec.net
Education :
Mohammad Ebrahimi
Position: Head of Engineering Systems Management and Productivity
Full Name: Majid Taherkhani
Email : mataherkhani@pedec.net
Education :
Majid Taherkhani
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